patriot field hockey

Team Training & Travel

Program Overview


Our TEAM TRAINING program is designed to help players enhance their individual skills, physical fitness, and game understanding. It encompasses skill development, focusing on essential aspects like dribbling, passing, shooting, and tackling with a keen eye on technique refinement. Fitness and conditioning are integrated to boost speed, agility, and endurance. Tactical knowledge is imparted by coaches, covering game strategies, positioning, and decision-making. Specialized coaching provides personalized guidance, addressing each player's strengths and weaknesses, while goal setting helps players track progress. Regular practice sessions serve as the foundation for skill improvement, and age requirements follow USA Field Hockey guidelines.

In contrast, our TRAVEL program revolves around competitive experiences, often involving travel to various locations for matches and tournaments. Key components include participating in competitive matches at a higher level, applying developed skills in real game situations, fostering team bonds through travel and competition, potential exposure to scouts and college coaches, intensive training to enhance fitness and game understanding, a significant time commitment, including weekends and travel, and adherence to USA Field Hockey age guidelines.

Both training and travel programs are valuable, with training focusing on individual skill development and travel offering competitive experiences and exposure to higher levels of play. Tryouts are necessary for all our programs, and you can find details on our registration page for current team tryouts.